Saien's Idol Cards

last updated 3/23/2015

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Ah! My Goddess

0593A 0593B 0593C 1293B 1293C 0894C

$2.50 each

Akazukin Cha Cha


$3.50 each


0898H- 0898L

$3.50 each

Bakaretsu Hunter


$2.50 each

Blue Seed


$3.00 each

Card Captor Sakura

0200A (transparent)-

$6 each

Corrector Yui

0799A- 0799B- 0799C- 0799D-

$3 each

Dragon Ball

0394G-B- 0794G-E

$2.50 each

Irresponsible Captain Tylor


$3.00 each

Rurouni Kenshin

0296B- 0296C- 0296E- 0296F- 0296G- 0296H- 0296I- 0296J- 0497H- 0497K- 0797C- 1297G-A- 0598A- 1298A- 1298D-

$2.50 each

Saber Marionette


$2.50 each

Sailor Moon

0792A- 0792B- 0892A- 1192A- 1192C- 1192D- 1192E- 0393A- 0393B- 0393C- 0793A- 0793B- 0793C- 0893A (scented - Moon, $10)- 0893B (scented - Mercury, $10)- 0893b(scented, scratched Mercury - $5)- 0893C (scented - Mars, $10)- 0893D(scented, Jupiter - $10)- 0893E (scented - Venus, $10)- 0893M-A- 0893M-C- 0993A- 0993C- 0993E- 0993I- 0993J- 0993K- 1093A- 1093B- 1093C- 1093D- 1093E- 1293A- 1293B- 1293C- 1293D- 1293E- 1293G-A- 1293G-B- 1293G-C- 1293G-D- 1293G-E- 0294A- 0294C- 0294D- 0294E- 0294G- 0294H- 0294I- 0594C- 0594D- 0794A- 0794B- 0794F- 0794G- 1294A(scented, Haruka - $12)- 1294G-D- 0895B(corner of laminate bent)- R-100B- R-100D- R-100E- R-100M-

$10-12 each for scented Idol cards

$3.00 each for the rest

Saiyuki Gensomaden

1200A 1200B 1200C 1200D 0100A 0100C 0100D 0600A 0101A

$2.50 each

Sakura Wars


$3.00 each


0895G-B- 0996B- 0996E- 0898G-A- 0898G-B- 0898G-C- 0898G-D- 0898G-E-

$2.50 each ______________

Tenchi Muyo

1194A- 0495B 1295A 0697A 0697B 0697C

$3.00 each

Vampire Hunter

0797A- 0797B-

$3.50 each

Vampire Savior

1297B- 1297C- 1297D- 1297E- 1297I- 1297J-

$3.50 each

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